Our Mission

OutdoorActive creates opportunities to enhance the physical and mental well-being of Halifax residents through fun, accessible, outdoor-based fitness and instructional programs.

We are proud to identify as a social enterprise and we aim to provide programs that are financially accessible to anyone who wishes to participate.

In all our programming, we strive to:

– Create a supportive environment (generating self-confidence and positive feelings, while minimizing stress and competitiveness).

– Help participants reap the physical and mental health benefits of fresh air and natural settings, and promote appreciation for green spaces in our community.

– Create a positive and welcoming atmosphere for all people regardless of their backgrounds or beliefs, with a particular focus on safe spaces for women and the LGBTQ community.

– Bring joy and fun into participants’ lives, emphasizing the importance of “fun” as a contributor to good health.

– Reach out to individuals who feel uncomfortable in a gym, aerobics, boot-camp, or other mainstream fitness setting, and introduce them to alternative models of physical activity.

– Promote a collaborative approach to fitness programming, where participants work with instructors to shape classes to their needs and interests.