Levels (group fitness)

Beginner / “gentle” –  these classes are designed for participants with a basic level of fitness.  The focus is on low-impact full-body exercise.  Balance, flexibility and light resistance training  are included.  We occasionally use Nordic poles (provided if needed).

Pace is “gentle” – but you must be able to:
– walk for 45+ minutes without physical difficulty
– be comfortable on slightly uneven terrain
– have clearance from your doctor to engage in non-medically supervised fitness activities.

Intermediate / “moderate”-  these classes are designed for participants who already do some moderate-level exercise every week, such as walking briskly for up to an hour, indoor fitness classes, cycling, ice skating etc.
Pace is “moderate” – you must be able to:
– walk briskly for over an hour without getting out of breath
– be able to sit down on the ground and get back up again easily
– be comfortable on uneven terrain
– be free of major health issues

To determine which level is a good fit for you, please contact us.