Pricing (group fitness)


First 3 classes, $10.00 per class

Next 3 classes, $7.00 per class

All classes for the remainder of the season, $5.00 per class

$2 for poles if you need them.

Pole rental: $2 per class or $12 unlimited for the season.
(Pole rental is already included in HRM registration).

 Low Income Option:   OutdoorActive is 100% committed to making fitness accessible for all Halifax residents.  If our listed prices don’t fit your budget, please contact us and we will absolutely find something that works for you!


Please visit the Rec Connect website and enter the barcode you are interested in to see pricing for HRM classes including Needham & Citadel centre classes, .  Barcodes can be viewed on our schedule page.

*Needham, Citadel Notes:
– Pre-registration is required through Halifax Recreation
– Nordic poles and other equipment is included
– Missed classes can be made up through any other HRM OutdoorActive class.
– For more info on how to register, click here.