Group Hikes

We also offer hiking outings in wilderness areas near Halifax. High Head fall 2014 - 07 - Compressed ultra

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How does it work?
– We travel to a different near-wilderness location each week (carpooling may be available).
– Our outings are typically 1.5-3 hours, depending on location.

Rainbow Haven May 2016 croppedOther notes:
– These outings are relaxed in pace.  We strive to respect and appreciate nature – we practice low-impact hiking and take time to stop and appreciate the natural wonders we observe.
– We generally stop for a snack or lunch break.
– Children sometimes join the hike.
– Dogs are not generally permitted on our hikes.

Kidston Lake May 2016 reduced

Who is this class for?
– Participants need to be in moderately good shape – they must move smoothly and confidently over rugged terrain.

– The trails are rugged, and not recommended for those with knee, hip or ankle issues.

– Participants must have suitable footwear and clothing – you can talk to the instructor for recommendations if you are not sure.

– Participants should embrace the group ethos of our respectful and relaxed  outings.  These are not high-speed marches across the wilderness.

  • Participants must be pre-screened before taking part in our wilderness classes.  We ask you to come to at least one in-town class (no charge) so we can assess your fitness level.

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