Group “Trails” Classes

One of our most popular offerings  is our “Trails”  classes in wilderness areas near Halifax. High Head fall 2014 - 07 - Compressed ultra

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How does it work?
– We travel to a different near-wilderness location each week (carpooling may be available).
– Classes are 1.5-2 hours plus 15-30 minute travel time each way.

Rainbow Haven May 2016 croppedStructure:
– We begin with warm-up/flexibility/balance exercises;
– We move along the trail together, pausing at regular intervals to complete exercises and skill circuits (e.g. doing step-ups on a fallen log, or practising a difficult rocky section several times over);
– We do our strength work (with tubing) in a beautiful clearing or lakeside area;
– We return with a 20-30 minute brisk walk, with time to contemplate nature and/or socialize;
– We finish with a group stretch.

Kidston Lake May 2016 reducedWho is this class for?
– Participants do not need to run, but they must move smoothly and confidently over rugged terrain.
– Class is not recommended for those with knee, hip or ankle issues.
– A moderate level of fitness is required in order to keep up (e.g. be able to walk briskly for 1.5-2 hours with occasional steep climbs and descents.

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