Locations for group fitness classes

Needham Community Centre
HRM’s Needham Community Centre and pool is located at the north end of Fort Needham Park.
Accessible from Kenny St., off of Novalea or Devonshire.  Parking available in front of building.  See it on google maps.

Citadel Community Centre
HRM’s Citadel Community Centre is attached to Citadel High School.
Accessible from Trollope St. or Ahern Ave.
Parking available in front of north end of building in “reserved” spots.

Trails Meet Locations
Wilderness trails locations vary from week-to-week and detailed instructions are sent to participants – we can also help you find carpools leaving from north end Halifax.

Regular locations include:
Herring Cove (Lookoff) Trail, Kearney Lakes Trails, Long Lake, Colpitt Lake, Suzy Lake and Point Pleasant, with many other locations in the rotation.